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Jointly developed with Metro Development Co., Ltd.

M&H construction method

​​New water stoppage and repair with completely inorganic injection material

 Patent No. 5979805


  1. High strength (60N/㎟ in 28 days)

  2. Good viscosity, filling and fluidity

  3. Possible to stop water in a short time

  4. have self-healing properties

throughM&H construction method*1teeth,

This is a new water stoppage and repair technology using a cement-based completely inorganic injection material similar to concrete.

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Injection site



Enlarged injection site

fireStops water in a short time in concrete structures that have deteriorated due to cracks, etc.

Repair with sufficient strength.

The grouting material is high-strength particulate cement (M&Hfine cement)*2Main material with minimum water content of 35% water cement ratio, silicate-based admixture (M&H admixture) *3and special injection equipment※Fourusing low pressure (0.11N/mm) to inject.

*1 Trademark registration No. 5805380

*2 Trademark registration No. 5869231

*3 Trademark registration No. 5962678

*4 Utility Model Registration No. 3185526

New injection device(0.09N/㎟, 0.11N/㎟)※Four

groupIt can secure a strength of 60N/mm2 or more in 28 days of semi-strength, has water stoppage and fluidity, and has good workability and filling properties. also adapts to


With M&H Admixture, M&HIt reacts with fine cement particles and calcium hydroxide in concrete to form crystals similar to cement hydrates in the pores, densifying the structure. We believe that self-healing performance is given to concrete using the chemical action of cement affinity, improving the long-term reliability of the structure, and self-healing cracks to stop water leakage.


We took the M from Metro Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. and the H from our company, and named it the "M&H construction method."

Public experiment

June 16, 2015

In a public experiment conducted in Tokyo, it was confirmed that water was stopped, cracks were sufficiently filled, and strength was achieved.

In addition, the contents were also published in many industrial newspapers.

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M&H construction method - water stop completion 1.jpg

It was also published in many industrial newspapers.

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