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Concrete frame survey

Don't you think you can't fix your old aquarium?

We investigate the condition of the concrete framework, and repair it to extend the life of the drainage system without destroying it and building a new one.


Clean the walls of the concrete frame, check for cracks, and collect cores. We conduct tests at public institutions and submit reports.

​ (Also collect the core of the leaking part)

​Compressive strength test

Test Report-Neutralization.jpg

Test at public institution (neutralization test)

Red part: alkalinity, white part: neutralization (degradation). In the photograph, it is thought that the base of the tube (surface side of the wall) is neutralized.

test report-compression test.jpg

Test at public institution (compressive strength test)

​Apply pressure from above with the central compressor and measure how much it breaks.

report delivered to you

1. We will submit a compressive strength/neutralization report from a public institution.        

2. Based on this result, we will also submit a report that incorporates our views and proposals.

(Example) Reports from public institutions

Compression test report.jpg
Compression test report-2.jpg
Compression test report-3.jpg
Compression test report-4.jpg


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​Construction photos

Before construction No.3.JPG

Determining the scope of investigation

Select a few spots on each side of the aquarium where deterioration is progressing.

No.3 Keren Clack.JPG

Investigation of cracks after scraping

Scrape off the surface (paint or coating) to expose the main body of the frame and investigate the condition.

No.3 Crack investigation-1.JPG

Investigation of cracks after scraping (enlarged)

​Small cracks that cannot be seen on the surface alone may be exposed.



​Cut out the core (part of the frame).

No.1 core collection-1.jpg


​After sampling, backfill with concrete, etc.

No.1 Core-2-1.jpg

​Sampled core

​The cores collected will be tested for compressive strength and neutralization of the structure at a public institution.

We will summarize the results and our opinion in a report and submit it.

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