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Tank inner wall repair (anti-corrosion)

Concrete deterioration occurs when voids are created inside the concrete due to factors such as cracks, water leakage, and neutralization.

We will propose to repair the cause of this deterioration and extend the life of the concrete.

Inner wall repair process.jpg
A Aeration tank before and during construction-1.jpg

before construction

Water tanks in factories that have been used for many years are damaged due to deterioration over time, as shown in the photo.

At our company, it is possible to carry out "concrete repair" that can be repaired without considering construction costs or alternative land acquisition.

A Aeration tank before and during construction-2.jpg




After the scaffolding is installed, the existing paint film and anti-corrosion protection on the walls are completely removed.

At that time, by using a dust collector that we have improved with consideration for the environment, there is almost no dust scattering during cleaning, so it is safe even in food factories.



A aeration tank anticorrosion completed and acid trachea restored.JPG

Corrosion protection



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