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Water tank outer wall repair

Concrete deterioration occurs when voids are created inside the concrete due to factors such as cracks, water leakage, and neutralization.

We will propose to repair the cause of this deterioration and extend the life of the concrete.

Exterior wall repair process.jpg

before construction

Exterior wall reforming material.jpg

Modifier application

Modifier (our proprietary process)

In order to suppress the re-neutralization of concrete and to suppress the intrusion of water, we apply a modifier carefully selected by our company to the entire surface.

Injection 2.JPG


Cross-section restoration, pedestal, injection

For leaks and cracks, low-pressure resin injection with a new injection device,Exclusive M&H water is used for patented M&H particulate cement., it densifies the concrete to the minute parts and makes it possible to restore the deterioration of the concrete structure.



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