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that crack,
Is it okay if I leave you alone?

The cause of the crack is ​, drying shrinkage of concrete, cement hydration heat during casting, environmental factors, earthquakes, deterioration, etc. ​

As it deteriorates over time, cracks spread to the inside, leading to water leakage, deterioration of internal reinforcing bars, and deterioration of the entire frame.

Water tank outer wall crack deterioration.png

wall x rust


Water tank cracked rust surface.png

​ Possible causes:

If rust is forming along the cracks, water intrusion through the cracks may be causing the rebar to rust. Doing so may cause an explosion.

Water tank outer wall leakage.png

Leakage from cracks


Water tank outer wall water leakage deterioration.png

​ Possible causes:

Rainwater that enters through cracks looks for an exit like a living creature. Water may leak from unexpected places through cracks that have spread inside.

​Also, even if the wall looks dirty, it may have leaks underneath, so be careful.

bare rebar

Co Frame Repair Reinforcement Exposed Area Before Construction 1 Up.JPG


​ Possible causes:

Due to earthquakes and deterioration, rebar that should have crumbled and was originally buried in the concrete may come to the surface and rust.

​Since the reinforcing bars that correspond to human bones are rusting, it can be said that the deterioration has progressed considerably.

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